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Testing with

As part of my everyday egghead work, I make a lot of notes. Sketchnotes in particular.

Everytime we have a new course in production, I'll watch all the video lessons and sketch out the major points.
These help me give ideas for illustrations and diagrams we can build on top of the lessons.

At the moment we've got one in the pipeline by Brett Cassette all about testing with

Here's a small preview of it: is a handy tool is "end to end" testing

It includes all levels of the stack - from the UI to front-end data stores, to XHR, to APIs, to your database. It's able to test all of these at the same time. It runs a virtual browser that clicks through all the things on all the pages.

It lets us write custom tests that "assert" true or false statements on specific parts of our app. It also alerts us if any of those tests fail. The tool uses the chai assertion library which makes it easy to write chains of selectors.

The Full Sketchnote

The full sketchnote

A giant, printable version will be posted on the Test Production Ready Apps with Cypress course when it's released later this month.