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Meet the Robowaiter APIs Serving Us Data

Everything you need to know about what API's are and how they work

What the Fork is Babel.js?

How Are Compilers & Transpilers Different?

A Fruitful Guide to JavaScript's Comparison Operators

The Glorious Lovechild of JSX

What the Fork is the React Virtual DOM?

Fun with Foliage and JavaScript's ...spread Operator

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Maggie Appleton explains web development through illustration.

Most of these explainers are about JavaScript fundamentals. Because those never go out of style. But I've also made a few on newer tools like React, Babel, and D3.

I make these because the front-end world is overflowing with confounding things to learn (and JavaScript in particular is 🔥❗🍌🌟☠ ridiculous sometimes).

Looking at the programming world through visual metaphors turns out to be a really effective learning tool. All the abstract jargon & syntax is much easier to understand when you can see what's happening through diagrams and analogies.

Not to mention it's a hell of a lot more interesting than slogging through some fat textbook.

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